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About Me

It's the passion for life and the respect for time that never returns, which leads me to make photography my way of life.

I graduated in Education, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Postgraduate in Corporate Finance and left my entire career in finance for a life with more purpose through photography.

I started my studies in photography at Ateliê da Imagem, in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 and went to study Landscape Photography at the renowned ICP-International Center of Photography, in New York.

I am currently studying a Masters in Photograhy (Visual Communication) at the University of Hertfordshire-UK and working in photojournalism, documentaries, lifestyle and Fine Art.

My experience in documentaries started through partnerships with several NGO's including Instituto da Criança and Minha Ajuda sua Casa which helped the victims of the tragedy in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro in 2011. 

Working in Animal Rights NGOs, where I documented the work of the Santuário das Fadas  whose sale of the photos reverts to help the Sanctuary. 

Furthermore, I documented the exploitation and the poor treatment of the horses that worked in the carts of Paquetá, whose photos helped in one of the legal processes for their release.

I have experience in photojournalism, through the Futura Press agency, as well as family photography, events and I teach workshops. 

I work as a Mentor on the Seeing Through Photographs Course, offered by MoMA- The Museum of Modern Art, in New York, at Plataforma Coursera.